Welcome to Brant County and Surrounding Area

Brant County is an amalgamation of small towns and quaint villages that surround the City of Brantford, Ontario. Brant County is primarily rural, surrounded by the larger population centers of Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge to its north and Hamilton-Burlington to the south. This makes Brant County the rustic core of this area along with the charming towns of Paris, Glen Morris, and St. George among others. The thriving city of Brantford in the heart of Brant County and these larger city centres surrounding Brant County, are what make this beautiful area so suitable as a place to live and raise a family.

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Brant County is an economically diverse region that is strategically located in Southwestern Ontario, positioning itself as a premier location from which to conduct business. It is expected to show increased growth in the coming years with its reliable and robust infrastructure and transportation access to millions of people in Canada and the United States only hours away. Brant County is a safe setting to do business with a well-educated and motivated labour force readily available primarily due to the proximity of university and college satellite campuses and easy commutes from the larger population centres adjacent to Brant County.

Brant County Real Estate and Lifestyle

The towns of Paris, Glen Morris, St. George and others will never lose their peaceful allure and rural village charm. The quality of life in Brant County meets all the criteria for such a lifestyle assessment from employment, wealth, educational opportunity, environmental leadership, leisure and recreation, physical, mental, and social wellbeing – Brant County has it all. The cost of living in this area is quite affordable for the average family and house prices are within the means of many. Homes are available in new subdivisions or established local communities in Brant County’s towns and villages with numerous century-plus homes and historic residences obtainable to new homebuyers and experienced purchasers alike.

The Town of Paris, in Brant County is the largest centre of population in Brant County and is referred to as “The Prettiest Little Town In Canada”, and for good reason. This picturesque town has a rare beauty and an aura of historic charm that has caught the eye of Hollywood producers as it portrays the “rustic Idyllic backdrop” required for various feature movies. The Grand and Nith Rivers meet in Paris with the river systems forming part of an outstanding natural leisure area with nature trails and river adventures.

Paris is also known as “The Cobblestone Capital Of Canada” due to the number of distinctive cobblestone properties that are proudly displayed during the Cobblestone Festival. Since becoming part of Brant County in 1999, Paris has enjoyed an influx of local facilities like The Brant Sports Complex and the pool and splash pad rehabilitation in Lions Park. The Paris Fall Fair, one of the biggest, at the multi-purpose Paris Fairgrounds is attended by thousands from all over Ontario and beyond every Labour Day long weekend. Brant County including Paris, Glen Morris, Cambridge, and Brantford are Andrea’s real estate service area. For Expert Local Real Estate Advice, Call Andrea Now!

Andrea Clendening, REALTOR® | Re/Max Twin City Realty Inc., Brokerage | Email or PH: 519-771-0886

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