Full Service Property Management


I am committed to delivering professional, experienced and responsive management for owners of income producing residential/commercial properties.

Maintaining  investment properties cam be both time consuming and frustrating, and most likely the income you make from your properties is not your only source. Majority of investors have numerous other obligatios, namely family and careers.

In an attempt to make life easier for my clients I can provide a basic rental service or a complete property management service or a combination of both. My services include and are not limited to;

  • Prepairing Units to be shown
  • Advertising - Newspaper and online
  • Book and Perform all Showings
  • Renal Collectins and Bank Deposits
  • Verification of Income, Credit Checks
  • Lease creation and signing
  • Guarantor Verification (where necessary)
  • Move in/move out inspections
  • Over see maintenance as required

As a Realtor, I know how hard you have worked to obtain your investment, and I realize that every investment property owner has different needs and requirements, so we can create a custom service package designed meet your rental needs.
My goal is to rent and manage your properties as if they were my own, I will manage all the day to day isses and act as a liaison betwen the owner and the tenant. Giving you, the owner peace of mind.
Call/email me today for more details.


Are you going on Vacation?


YOU SHOULD KNOW - Most insurance companies will require your home to be checked every  48-72 hours while you are away!
Call me today and we can design a plan that fits your home and your requirements.
Basic Visit to your home includes;
·         visits to your home (as required)
·         walk around interior and exterior
·         collect newspapers and flyers
·         collect mail if required
·         water indoor plants
·         check that doors and windows are locked
Cost: $40/visit
Additional services as required (extra fees apply)
·         supervise trades as required for repairs or renovations
·         pre-arrival shopping
·         pre-arrival cleaning
·         accept packages or deliveries
·         lawn care/garden care
·         any additional home services as agreed upon
Cost: Varies depending on services required.